Replacement Blades

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$20 I have not used these, someone on the Raptor list recommended them. It is a good price, but I don't know how they perform.
SAB0331 600mm Symetrical FRP $90 If you're not using these blades then you must not have tried them. Once you put a set on you won't take them off :) The MS carbon blades I had were great but these SAB's fly better and auto a lot better then the MS blades. They have a more 60 feel to them and while the MS blades are smooth, these are smooth and are very authoritive. As an example when you are setting up for a stall turn, the forward flight is very smooth and tracks great, but when you pull back on the elevator the helicopter gets to the vertical part quickly (yet smoothly) instead of 'slipping' through the air as it transitions into the vertical part. The result is that you have a higher climb in the vertical because you didn't waste much of the motion in the transistion. The MS blades are very quiet, the SAB's have a swishhhh sound to them. Although the black carbon MS blades look very kewel, the slick white finish have the advantage that they can actually be seen in the air. And did I mention the price, the MS blades cost me $85 USD while the SAB's cost $56 USD from YNT uDesign. Fly better, auto much better, and cost less.... SAB's = best buy!
Thunder Tiger PV3827 $60-65 Great blades for the money. Excellent looks in the air with the half white half carbon fiber. Auto great (I think the SAB's are a little better but not much).
Thunder Tiger
$26 I like the cost. You have to reshrink the covering every so often. They seem fairly durable.
$76 A guy I fly with really likes these blades. The stock blades will do 3d, but these have a much better response and don't load up as much as the stock ones. Also they auto much better.
$100 Top of the line. Great performance and very durable. Carbon blades with wood core. I have heard many reports of these blades lasting through more than one crash!
MS Modelsport 550 $80 I got a couple of flights on them yesterday. I'm very impressed!!! My opinion of these blades are very good... Opinions are based on experience and I have never had anything other then wood blades on any of my other helicopters. So of course these new blades would seem like a giant leap in performance to me. I have not tried V-Blades so I can't compare them. I did let a friend of mine fly my Raptor #2 with the MS blades yesterday. He has flown
V-Blades and NHP on his Raptors. He was very impressed with these MS Blades. I asked him how he would rate them against V-Blades and he said to tell the difference he would need to fly one flight with the MS blades and then put on the V-Blades for the next flight. He has some V-Blades on order so we will do the test soon. I found that forward flight is incredibly smooth and predictable. Flips were faster and best of all, these blades do not demand near as much power from the engine as the stock blades. Some of the things I did yesterday that would have caused a few hundred rpm drop, barely made in noticeable rpm difference! After using these blades for a few weeks, I am still impressed with these blades, in fact I ordered a few more sets :)
<under construction>Blade troubleshooting
Flips and rolls are too slow The spanwise CG is too far out. Headspeed too low.
Very pitchy in FFF The chordwise CG is too far away from the leading edge. The cg for symmetrical airfoils should be in the 25-28% range. Flybar paddles not in track.