Funkey Airwolf fuselage

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12-25-1 - pictures of the kit
12-27-1 - test fit the mechanics
12-29-1 - modify pitch arm
12-30-1 - made mounting system
12-31-1 - adjusted mounting rod lengths
1-1-2 - installed retracts
1-3-2 - spotted some problems
1-4-2 - expanded the end of the tail
1-6-2 - expanded tail more, installed horizontal fin supports, re-modified pitch arm
1-7-2 - mounted horizontal fins
1-8-2 - problem with stuck retract
1-9-2 - mounted front retract
1-10-2 - redo geometry of linkage for front retract, show animation
1-11-2 - all retracts completed
1-12-2 - mounted vertical fin
1-13-2 - make front dashboard
1-15-2 - weighed it
1-16-2 - made one seat
1-18-2 - mount muffler, cover up battery, mount antenna
1-19-2 - paint guns and seats, sand, splice retract wire
1-20-2 - glue guns in pod wings
1-21-2 - install metal clevis' on aileron
1-22-2 - mount top cap of fuselage
1-24-2 - make top window
1-25-2 - made turbine exhaust funnels
1-26-2 - sanded turbine exhaust funnels, fixed mismatch of top cap
1-27-2 - cut down the fiberglass piece I made for the top cap
1-29-2 - cut hole in bottom for engine, work on mechanics
1-30-2 - work on mechanics
1-31-2 - program radio and get ready for flight of pod & boom
2-1-2 - finish radio setup
2-3-2 & 2-9-2 - did test flight of the mechanics and adjust engine
2-10-2 - still waiting on good enough weather to do base coat...
2-23-2 - painted primer coat
2-24-2 - lots of touch up sanding
3-17-2 - finally got around to working on the scale again, but didn't get much done, I started doing the rivots but after about 4 columns of this I am re-evaluating how many rivots I want to do...
3-18-2 - working on rivots.....
3-19-2 - still working on rivots................
4-7-2 - almost finished with the rivots
6-23-2 - I have had a few ask about the Airwolf status, well it basically comes down to 'I hate painting'. I really enjoyed working on the fuselage but I knew the painting would be killer. Back on May 1st I sprayed the white then the black and that came out good, not exceptional, but very good. However some black somehow came through the masking tape onto the white. So I masked off the black and instead of doing a full body mask I just fanned off newspapers off of the stripping tape, this was fine, but when I painted the wind was a little high. I don't have a shop to paint in so I have to do my painting outside. I didn't think the wind would cause the overspray to go out then around and up under the paper. So now I have some white specks on the black. I was frustrated so I put the project on hold... I really wanted to have the thing flying by now, but I'm still frustrated over the fact of so much work can be practically ruined within just a few minutes of painting. If it wasn't for the rivots I would just sand it down and paint again. BTW: The rivets came out better then I expected, they look great.