Unflood the Engine How-to

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How do you know when your engine is flooded? There are a number of things that can cause the engine not to start. The most common is a flooded engine. The characteristics to look for are: no pop/ignition and a deeper tone when spining over the engine.
1)glow plug driver on
2)clamp off the fuel line going to the carb
3)spin the engine over for about 15 seconds
4)wait for another 15 seconds to give the glow plug time to burn off some fuel
5)spin the engine again. It should crank up, then quickly unclamp the fuel line.
If it does not crank up, then repeat the steps over again. If after a few try's it still does not crank, then do the following steps:
1)take the glow plug out sling the fuel out of it
2)put the glow plug driver on until the extra fuel is burnt out. You will hear it stop making a sizzling sound when the excess fuel is gone. Note: if the glow plug does not light then it's bad, also look at the coil for
these signs.
3)remove the fuel line to the carb and spin the engine over. You will hear a different tone after a few seconds when the excess fuel is gone.
4)put the glow plug back in, re-connect the fuel line, then try to start again.


What is a Hydro-lock condition. This is when the engine has so much fuel in the combustion chamber that it will not allow the starter to turn the engine over. To remove this condition tilt the helicopter over so the muffler is toward the ground. Now turn fan backwards about 1/3 of a turn. This will allow the fuel to run out of the combustion chamber and into the muffler.