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1. Raptor 30/46/50
-- Metal collective pitch arm
-- '3rd' bearing mod
-- swashplate
-- canopy
-- clutch
-- clutch liner
-- 50 tail upgrade
-- metal washout base
-- mod to improve washout base
-- fix skids for sliding autos
Raptor 60/90
Raptor 30/46/50
Metal collective pitch arm

Ron Lund (Ricks R/C) has a $30 metal pitch arm for the Raptor 30/50. It is built very well. I did have to raise the ball links and bend the rods* to get complete clearance at full travel. And I had to turn the collective servo around. It comes with it's own bearings and all bolts necessary to put the metal pitch arm together as well as bolts to mount the aileron servo. You will need to re-use the two screws that bolts the old pitch arm to the frame (page 8, step 6, items 2 & 3) Note that at full aileron throw, the ball links might touch the pitch arm. I did two things to fix this. If you look at the left picture, 'A' shows that I put an extra 2mm nut between the ball and the servo arm. 'B' shows that I bent the aileron rods.
*Note: One suggestion by Kryoclasm, is to turn the two brackets the servo sits on so that the flat side is on top. This will let the servo sit higher and you should not need to bend the links.

I have flown several tanks with the metal pitch arm and I can tell a lot of difference with it. The collective has a more responsive/solid feel to it. This was worth the $30 it cost! I can most see the difference doing tic-toc's. I'm not one to upgrade this/that just because it looks kewel. I like the stock Raptor, but when there is a part that really makes a difference then I will try it. I went through the 'metal this', 'push/pull that', and other eye-candy stuff when I flew Xcell's. Now I save my money and only buy what works :)
TT upgrade pitch arm
PV0068 $49.99 Should provide the same performance increase as the above metal pitch arm.
'3rd' bearing mod
Lee Marshall posted some pictures of the '3rd' bearing mod on his website at RCHeliWeb
QuickUK - Raptor RC-05 30/50 metal swashplate $59 USD. This weekend I installed a QuickUK metal swashplate on my 50. It really added a more solid feel and also increased my collective range to 23 degrees. Before I had 21 degrees, all the extra slop in the stock swashplate absord the other two degrees. The difference in cyclic performance and overall smoothness made it worth the cost. If you are just starting out learning to fly you do NOT need this part, spend the money on fuel. But if you are an advance flier looking for a little more precision then I recommend it.
QuickUK - Raptor 60 RC6-05 metal swashplate $69 USD. I don't have one but have seen them on other friends Raptor 60's. Should be just as good at the one for my 50 shown above.
clutch v1
QuickUK has a clutch with elongated hinge holes. RD-10
50 tail upgrade (all Raptor v2's come with this already):
The 50 kit comes with the Raptor 60 tail hub/grips, but if you did like I did and ordered the conversion kit then you still have the stock 30 type hub/grips. If you are doing 3D type flying then I think you need to get a better tail due to all the torque involved with the 50. Also this tail hub/grips add 8mm to the total diameter. The only parts needed to convert my 50 to have the 60 tail are these:
PV0148 Tail rotor grips (make sure you get 2 in the pack)
PV0151 Tail rotor hub (get 1)
PV0200 Tail rotor bearing (get 1, comes with 4)
Modification to improve stock washout hub
A simple mod to take the play out of the stock washout base:-
Clean the inside of the base with alcohol and then coat it inside with a thin smear of JB Weld. Slide this onto a spare 10mm mainshaft that has been oiled, (I used silicone oil), and leave for at least 24 hrs.
A gentle tap should remove the base from the shaft and it should now fit onto the mainshaft without slop. Mine has had a couple of gallons through so far with no signs of play.
mod submitted by Roger Melville 2-25-2
Fix skids for sliding autos

I really like to do sliding autos, but my skids don't <grin>. Although lots of fun, it does tend to wear them out. The first thing that goes is the bottom of the plastic struts. Once this is worn through the skids won't stay in place. They will twist and move. What I came up with is to take out the set screws in the top, drill from the top all the way through the bottom of the skid. This provides a hole for an M3 bolt to go through the top hole and a hole in the bottom. The bottom hole needs to be redrilled for 5mm so the head of the bolt will go through it. Next insert an M3x10mm bolt up through the bottom and an M3 nut on top. I like how this turned out, that solved that. Now I wonder how long until the metal of the skids wears through???

Another idea that is quick and easy is to take JB Weld and mold an 1/8" thick pad on the bottom of each plastic skid grip. The runway happily chews away at the JB Weld during these slides. They last a long time and when they get thin or break off he just apply some more. Credit for this idea goes to "CalTrans" Mike, Thanks Mike

Here is another idea that came from Paul McCarthy:

The idea is to make a sleeve for the skids. The picture to the right shows the 1/2" o.d or 3/8 i.d water tube you can get this at any hardware store for about $1.19 a foot. Measure the skids to the tube and make a big enough hole for the struts to fit in the tube. It will be a little tight but thats ok. You can use a cutting wheel on a dremel to cut the hole. Next put the struts in the cut you made and slide the aluminum skids back in place.
Now your ready for acting grind your heart off.

PSP has a titanium main shaft for the 30.
Frame stiffener

Raptor 60/90
Ron Lund has Mr. Carbon Raptor 60 frameset for $78.
Carbon fiber frameset
Ron Lund now has a very nice metal head for the Raptor 60. I took a few pictures of it at the fun fly. It comes with metal flybar control links. I don't have an exact weight on it, but it feels just as light as the stock head. <pict 1> <pict 2>
I got to see the Raptor 90 with carbon frames and many other hop up items. Click here for <pictures>

These are some pictures of my friend Maurie Spratt's Raptor 60. He made some servo spline supports for the collective and elevator out of some spare links, rods, and bolts. Credit for the idea goes to Vic from V Blades.
HeliProz has some nice tailboom servo mounts for the Raptor 60