Do you have a v1 or v2 R30/50?
last updated 3-12-2004

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What are the incompatible parts between a v1 and v2 R30/50?
1. Frameset
2. Clutch, clutch bell, start shaft, top start shaft bearing, clutch bell bearing
3. Main blade grips, head block, spindle shaft, rubber dampers, and the bearings inside the blade grips.

<Here> is another page telling about the differences between the v1 and v2.

In the above two picture you will see that the difference is that one has built-in guides for the servo wires and the other does not. The v1 does not have these as shown in the picture on the left. The v2 has them as shown in the picture on the right.
The frameset you have will also determine what clutch system you have. It is possible to make a spacer that would allow the use of the v2 clutch system in a v1 frameset but in most cases if you have a v1 frameset you will buy v1 clutch related parts. If you have a v2 frameset then you will have to get v2 clutch parts. A way to know for certain is to measure the thickness of the clutch bell. The v1 bell is 13mm thick and the v2 is 9mm thick.

The v2 head can be installed on a v1 frameset so to determine which rotor head you have look at the blade grips. If you have a nut inside then it is a v1 head. If you have an allen bolt then you have the v2 head.